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Visual Radio 2019 - 24th Year!

Welcome to Visual Radio 2019


Year #24, Guest #1  Kate Genoevese

Page website is here:

Or a Tiny URL makes it easier:

Gilbert Gottfried on Visual Radio reading from his book

Coming Soon! the 24th season of Visual Radio with Joe Viglione returns to the airwaves.

Our special guest is Kate Genovese, author of the book Hat Tricks from Heaven: The Story of An Athlete in His Own Prison of Addiction

Kate has appeared on Visual Radio numerous times and hosts her own TV show, Table Talk.

Special Thanks to Peter Calo for the instrumental of Joe Viglione's "Wave Descends" as our

new theme song, and to Ian of WCAT Wakefield for our new visual intro, to Ryan at WCAT

and Barbara for their help in coordinating the pre-production, and of course to our pal Tom.

Joe Viglione started hosting his first show, TV Eye, on Day Street in Somerville (Davis Square)

at the Time Warner (was it Time Warner in 1979?) studio at the Post Office.

That was 40 years ago, 2019.  Guests on Visual Radio and the Joe Vig Pop explosion radio show include Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, actress Jodie Foster, director Robert Zemeckis, Michael Moore, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore of The Doors, Mark Farner, Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad, John Lennon's "Uncle Charlie," Peter Tork of The Monkees, Valerie Kairys Venet of The Monkees/Batman, Bill Press from Sirius/XM radio, Genya Ravan of Sirius/XM Radio, Bobby "Sunny" Hebb and many more, over 1,000 hours of programming generated. Visual Radio with host Joe Viglione P.O. Box 2392 Woburn, MA 01888

Previous Guest: Pamela Ruby Russell

Mick Taylor, brilliant guitarist who has worked with Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones.

Felix Cavaliere of Young Rascals with Joe Viglione

Host Joe Viglione with author Dennis Lehane

Joe Viglione, Dennis Lehane on

Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits July 23, 1998

Joe wrote the foreword to Peter's book

Burton Cummings of the Guess Who with Joe Viglione

Above Joe Viglione with Burton Cummings a couple of years later at Berklee Performance Center

Jim Kale and Gary Peterson of the Guess Who on Visual Radio 7,244 views as of 1/27/19

Interviewed them also in the 1980s when my band opened for GUESS WHO

Simon Kirke of Bad Company and Free (All Right Now) With Joe Viglione

Winthrop Cable TV WCAT Winthrop

Joe Viglione with the brilliant Ray McNally, In Search of Dracula author

Film Director Alex Rubin with Joe Viglione on Visual Radio

Felicity Jones (Star Wars: Rogue One) and Director Drake Doremus of 2011's Like Crazy film

Joe Viglione speaks with Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds at Tupelo Hall, New Hampshire

Bob Penta was on Medford City Council for 38 years, the most years in Medford, Massachusetts history on that council. With Joe Viglione on Visual Radio

Page website is here:

Or a Tiny URL makes it easier:

Spiderman artist Joe St. Pierre with Joe Viglione at Used Book Superstore, Burlington

Watch video here:

youtube.comLegendary guitar player, founder of the Rhythm A's and the Nervous Eaters, talks about Lou Reed, his album on Elektra and more with Boston music historian - ...

Author Steven Lee Beeber on Visual Radio !

Rob Gronkowski talks with Patriots photographer Bob Hyldburg and towers over host Joe Viglione. Thanks to Gronk and the N.E. Patriots

My dear friend Bobby Hebb, one of the greatest musicians and human beings who ever walked this planet. Bless you, Bobby, for appearing on my show so many times. Miss you terribly. August 1995 third Visual Radio show. God Bless Bobby Hebb

Filmmaker Eric Casaccio and Joe Viglione /

Dangerous Dana Rosenblatt, fighter

Jodie Foster - director of The beaver

Ray Manzarek of The Doors

Gilbert Gottfried on Visual Radio with Joe Viglione

Comedian Gallagher on Visual Radio with Joe Viglione

My good friend Barbara Harris of The Toys "A Lover's Concerto"

Joe Viglione with Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad

Blue shirt - Joe Viglione - Red shirt Author Rob Kean

Only Visual Radio put two legends together, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye Gary DeCarlo with Are you A Boy or Are You A Girl Moulty of the Barbarians

Joe Viglione with the legendary Moulty of the Barbarians at Original N.E. Compact Disc and Record expo

Peter Calo - guitarist on our theme song "Wave Descends" (written by Joe Vig)

He's also music director for Carly Simon - at WCAT Wakefield


Ian Lloyd of STORIES (Brother Louie) fame at Club Bohemia at The Cantab, Cambridge on Visual Radio


Sib Hashian of the band Boston, Tim Archibald of New Man and both of Ernie and the Automatics with Joe Viglione

See video here

Visual Radio Live with John from Golde Films and Joe Viglione March 14, 2013

Director Joseph Kahn discusses Detention with Joe Viglione on Visual Radio

Visual Radio Film Director Richard Ayoade talks to Joe Viglione about SUBMARINE

Frank Imbergamo and Lisa Cavanaugh on Visual Radio

Legendary Rex Trailer on Visual Radio RIP

RIP Skip Williamson

developed with YouTube

We’ve lost yet another legendary cartoonist, underground pioneers Skip Williamson, 73, whose Snappy Sammy Smoot was the best known of his creations. Patrick Rozenkrantz, the Boswell of the underground movement has the detailed obituary and appreciation:: Williamson’s underground style, steeped in Art Deco flatness and crammed with calculatedly unhip scatology (“Holy cow! Some elephant doody!”), […] ...

David Selby from Dark Shadows on Visual Radio

Jim Morrison/Carly Simon author Stephen Davis with Joe Viglione

Joe Viglione on the radio possibly talking to Buzzy Linhart or writers Richie Unterberger or Greg Prato

In Maine with Boris Karloff's daughter, Sara Karloff

Eric Lee and Joe Rich, two brilliant musicians on Pop Explosion Radio Show on Visual Radio

Joe Viglione with Boston Red Sox Legend Johnny Pesky

Phil Greene from Warner Bros band SWALLOW engineered Buddy Guy tapes that I co-produced with the late Jimmy Miller

Joe Viglione Accepts Best Producer of the Year, Winchester, 2010

Joe Viglione talks to actor Anthony James

Joe Viglione to Fusion editor Robert Somma, friend of Lou Reed's

Ian Hunter of Mott The Hoople with Joe Viglione backstage Boston City Winery 4/18

Joe Viglione with Grammy winning drummer Steve Holley from Ian Hunter / Paul McCartney bands, along with Cameron Laing

Leland Stein of Regent Theater with Joe Viglione

Ocean - Put Your Hand In The Hand - interview backstage Burton Cummings show

The demo That Got The Deal radio show

Author Daniel Asa Rose 2nd appearance on Visual Radio

John Kinnally of 730 Tavern with Joe Viglione on the Pop Explosion Radio show

Author Julie Zickfoose on Visual Radio

April 23, 2012 The Bluebird Effect, Julie's 2nd book, discussed on Visual Radio

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Host Joe Viglione
Jan 28, 2019

Having fun at WCAT Wakefield Thursday January 24, 2019

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